13 Viral Images That Are Actually Fake

You know the saying, “You can’t believe everything you see on the internet”? These popular images were believed and shared by many, but in reality, they are just the product of some mad Photoshop skill.

Fake: John Lennon Playing Guitar with Che Guevara

Can you believe John Lennon once sat down for a jam with the famous Cuban revolutionist and guerrilla leader? Well, you shouldn’t, because he didn’t.

Real: John Lennon Playing Guitar with Wayne “Tex” Gabriel

Someone simply photoshopped Che’s face on top of Wayne’s.

Fake: Audrey Hepburn Dancing Ballet34ae23c5a7ca017cfa483eacc5dc463890af8293Hepburn did practice ballet and this photo does look a lot like her, but it’s not.

Real: Russian Stock Imageef89c93a57037c1f3746408075101a3bfa5e4d6fDue to the higher resolution of the stock image, one can see that the model is not the classic star, Audrey Hepburn.  Although it is a pretty striking resemblance.

Fake: Dispose of Your Ugly Children Here9b77a50e29592c111ea3a274629e84e605b9f1fdNot to worry. No child was thrown away, or at least not for being ugly. PhotoShop is to blame again.

Real: Please Keep Off The Grassd6273f71f25d2389facb38487f73877f260102ecIn the original photo the sign reads, “Please Keep Off The Grass.” Why the child was in the enclosure is still a mystery.

Fake: Steven Seagal Gives Vladimir Putin Bunny Ears147b18e6a217a0e6f1b1086734200f5b45fbcd6bNo, Steven Seagal did not give the President of Russia bunny ears in a press event photo.

Real: Normal Press Event Photofc8965e220a864a2561ff5629295d8c8baa230f5Despite making it to the front page of Reddit, it was just a poorly photoshopped picture. Seagal does look a little mischievous though.

Fake: JFK and Marilyn Monroe Share an Intimate Embracee127a1c267c49fdadf66a993c76af050b30ce6afThese photos have sparked major controversy regarding the President’s alleged affair with the Hollywood star. However, they are the work of Alison Jackson, who is known for using look-a-likes of famous people in her photos.

Fake: A Security Camera Outside George Orwell’s House90097d7d1024dab9f0ea5750c553dc1a68a6725aOne of Orwell’s most popular novels, “1984,” criticized strict government surveillance. Is there really a surveillance camera outside the author’s house? No.

Real: George Orwell’s Housef5e7c5daedea8fae0953880c5d438cec49908525The viral image was a product of Steve Ullathorne, who is known for showing historical buildings with modern additions.

Fake: Badass Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson2d9c32fc62a6612c32ff3367e1c5db0891c10cfdWhile this photo is hilarious it is not necessarily true.  Yes, Murray and Thompson hung out on a boat.  No, their shirts weren’t that awesome.

Real: Slightly Less Badass Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson83ee2b5626b7429d7667d5d97d60a256e3077183In reality, the pair sported “Amazing X Navy” shirts.

Fake: Cool Clouds Over Mount Fujid00604239bc5a5946d4b10067d06122c5b518b10These clouds are pretty freaking cool.  Unfortunately, they are also pretty freaking fake. Thanks photoshop.

Real: Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Fuji6788fd8af6ab3e4ac76945fe02b27fac2031356aThe original photo shows a single lenticular cloud over the mountain. Some PhotoShop wiz copied and altered the original cloud a few times.

Fake: Space Shuttle Breaching the Clouds67b0c6f547e32ec7fa00b8b333b49c090b37b75eIt’s a cool image, but sadly too good to be true. The creator, Richard Silvera, straight out said, “This image is a composite of 2 pictures.” But of course, nobody paid attention to that.

Real: Space Shuttle Breaching the Cloudsf2bfb1a68f23d1a3874fdaf41fd431805b67463eThe original image is almost as cool.  It shows the Challenger still on the ground on a cloudy day.

Fake: Martin Luther King Jr. Flipping the Bird9b7afbe1b09e1e2f8ebd58ebd0bc0fb2cc801b62There are quite a few fake MLK pictures circulating the internet and this is one of them.

Real: Martin Luther King Jr. Giving a Peace Sign0dc80bdc9c8af5f41e0212db42f96b764591d655The actual photo of King was taken after learning that the Senate had passed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill.

Fake: Giant Squid Washed Ashore229d9197204dfbc757bc2d6343b13100f62d866dThe claim was that the squid, which landed near Santa Monica, had grown to a mutant size due to Fukushima radiation. That doesn’t even make sense.

Real: Squid Washed Ashore5d77e4023556150e8d61c7fa94405c90de35aa05The fake image used a photo of this squid, which is an actual Giant Squid of normal size, and a beach scene from a story about a beached whale.

Fake: Paris Hilton Says “Stop Being Poor”cf65b93da93070701253a39041e3d227691e792eParis Hilton wore a shirt that read “Stop Being Poor” to a party. It’s a very believable photo.

Real: Paris Hilton Says “Stop Being Desperate”c758144f09d511e8727c4b4d84f518ed24eb4b0eNo, she was not throwing her large fortune in everyone’s face. There were quite a few shots taken of her in this shirt, but the PhotoShopped shirt grabbed more attention.

Fake: Furniture Carved to Look Like a Digital Glitch97cabc8ede41ec4536576795be1a4c8ec68fe362This is a photo of a piece of carefully carved furniture, although it looks like a file gone wrong. Well, kind of. The idea came from designer Ferruccio Laviani, who actually did create pieces that looked deformed due to a digital glitch.

Real: Cabinet Carved to Look Like a Digital Glitch78341d4d4129890e47b3941bdd395bf62c825ca5This is the final product of Laviani’s work, called the Good Vibrations collection.  The previous picture was a mock-up of his overall concept.  It wasn’t an actual piece of furniture.

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